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Grade 9-12                                                            Grade 9-12
Baseball                        $190                               Lacrosse                        $190
Basketball                     $230                               Alpine Ski                       $190
Nordic Ski                     $190                               Soccer                            $190
Cross Country               $190                              Softball                            $190
Danceline – Fall            $100                              Swim/Dive                      $190
Dance Team – Winter  $190                               Tennis                              $190
Football                         $240                               Track                               $190
Gymnastics                   $190                               Volleyball                        $190
Golf                                $190                               Wrestling                        $190
Hockey                          $330

***Fine Arts and Non-Athletic Fee – $100 per activity

• The maximum amount of co-curricular fees a family will pay is – $ 700.00
per school year. Please notify us at the time of registration that this is a
family maximum for you. It is the responsibility of the parent or athlete to
do so. Families are responsible for keeping track of fees spent toward the
family maximum. Fees paid above and beyond the family max may NOT
be refunded.

• Families on free or reduced lunches should speak with the Activities Office
to have your fee waived.


Refund Policy

After the beginning of the season, the only reasons for refunding a participation
fee will be:
1. Student decision to discontinue participation during the first week of
2. Being cut from a team for reasons other than violation of training, team
rules, MVHS rules, or MSHSL rules.
3. An injury occurring within the first half of the regular season which
prevents further participation.
4. Once an athlete has played in one game/meet/match they shall NOT
receive a refund.

To apply for a refund, the student should bring a note to the Activities
Office, signed by the Coach or Adviser. After two weeks and/or one contest
there will be NO refund.