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What Is The Mustang Club?

Winter 2016

Dear Parents and Friends of Mounds View High School,

The Mustang Club is a parent organization whose goal is to supplement Mounds View High School’s academic, athletic and fine arts programs. Our Annual Donation Drive is our primary source of fundraising and we don’t ask our students to sell items to raise funds.  In 2014 and 2015, we recieved donations in excess of $10,000 each.  100% of the money donated to the Mustang Club goes directly to benefit students at Mounds View.  Please help us continue to enhance our students’ educational experience and keep Mounds View High School as one of the premier schools in the state.

Through your generous donations, the Mustang Club has supported MVHS in recent years by funding the following items:

Digital Projector & Cart – Business Dishwasher – Science
Printer and Microphones – English Projector – History
Group Response System – Math Mentor T-Shirts – School Wide
Digital Video Camera & Screen – LMC Stadium Sound System – Athletics
DVD Burner – LMC Contributions to Senior All Night Party
New Spotlights – Auditorium 30 Notebook PC Security Cart – LMC
Projector and Laptop – World Language Dept. Math Kits – Math
Goal Post Pads – Athletics Books for College Bound/Life Long Learners – LMC
10 New Benches for Tennis Courts – Athletics Sound System for Gymnasium – School Wide
2 Choral Stage Risers – Music Department TI Calculators – Math
“Melvin the Mustang” mascot costume Skills USA – Leadership Training
Scholarships – 2 ($500) awarded in 2015
Dishwasher – Science
Projector – History
Mentor T-shirts – School Wide
Stadium Sound System – Athletics
Contributions to Senior All Night Party
30 Notebook PC Security Cart – LMC
Math Kits – Math
Books for College Bound/Life Long Learners – LMC
Sound System for Gymnasium – School Wide
TI Calculators – Math
Skills USA – Leadership Training
Lane Markers at Chippewa Middle School Pool
6 Laptop computers for Journalism/Viewer
Books for AP Language & Composition

As you know, school budgets are limited each year to what is considered “essential.” Your donation to the Mustang Club will enhance your student’s MVHS experience well beyond the “essentials.”  All donations made to the Mustang Club are tax deductible. We thank you in advance for your contribution and continued support of Mounds View High School.

Rob Delaune, Mustang Club President, 2015-2016

Mustang Club Board Members:
Tony Nelson, Co-President
Jamie Rimell, Secretary
Donette Redmond, Treasurer
Dr. Jeffery Ridlehoover, Principal and MVHS Advisor
Shawn O’Dougherty
Anita Hinsa


**  If you are interested in being part of the Mustang Club, please contact Rob Delaune, at **